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The original meaning of AIO no longer describes what this site is about. For now aiogames is my portfolio. Shortly it may be moving to my new domain logancormier.ca

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A data and function graphing application


Chart is a single page web app for displaying statitical data alongside math functions. It is in an early concept phase.

Type Dungeon

A typing game that lets you type anything you want, but has a focus on opensource and public works. It's A good way to practice more meaningful typing for coders and a nice way to learn a text while practicing. It is more of a type engine right now and less of a dungeon but check it out.

Developer Blog

Interested in my developer journey? I wont be sharing anything from any job I have, but you can learn about all the projects featured here.

About the Author

You may have heard I'm looking for work? Click here for some contact points I also list a few public profiles. I'm also open to joining any hackathon, challenge, team or interesting open source project.