About the Author

My name is Logan Cormier and I am a computer scientist with a passion for programming. This site is to showcase my personal projects. One project I am currently working on is a typing video game. My intention is to improve the content in typing games while also making it enjoyable. I am also working on a charting and calculation application as an auxiliary product. The developmental focus of these projects is currently expanding my frontend developer skill set.

I graduated from Carleton University in February of 2020 and began my career as a junior developer operations engineer. I’ve also worked as an independent contractor developing LAMP and Node.js applications from scratch. From my experience as a contractor I am used to working closely with clients and converting business requirements into completed software packages. When I begin a new project I like to start working the code immediately. As I begin to grasp the scope and interactions of the code base I focus on expanding my domain knowledge.

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