About the Author

I graduated from Carleton University in February of 2020 and started working as a junior developer operations engineer until the pandemic hit and took a chunk out of my employers operating budget.

I'm currently looking for work, and developing a bit of a portfolio on the side. I'm really excited by embedded applications and distributed computing so I'm not sure where I'll end up specializing, but I prefer the full stack experience anyways.

My worst domain in computer science is frontend, but as you can notice from looking around I'm on a mission to fix that. I prefer to focus on improving my faults over specializing, but it's always a struggle to bring all my skills together into a single project. That's the best thing about working somewhere it's not so much about the domain or scope of work for me. The most rewarding thing about working for someone else is the results of putting such a significant amount of your time and mental resources into one thing and the technical value it creates.

If your interested in hiring me please follow the link to my LinkedIn. Currently LinkedIn is the best way to get my attention, at this point there is so little happening here that I'd love to hear from you simply if you've been on this page. If your an employer but would just like to talk feel free to offer some feedback on my linkedin or resume. If you are a peer or accidently ended up here I'd love to hear how.


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