Type Dungeon Announcement

3:30PM EST Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Type Dungeon is the first browser based game that is part of our long term projects here at AIO Games. Type dungeon will allow you to practice typing useful content and things that you source yourself. For example, maybe normal typing tutorials don't include the brackets and colons so common in your code and you'd like to practice while typing out code. Maybe you just want to read a great poem or book as you progres on your speed typing journey. This will be an ongoing project. Check back here for updates. Version 0.01 is expected to be launched september 18th.

Website Redesign

12:43AM EST Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Announcing Aiogames second commitment to expanding content. From today forward we are initiating weekly progress reviews and will share goals and progress with our readers/users. Aiogames will shelve Liaise and work on implementing projects that are more relevant to our goals and aspirations here. For the sake of transparacy our current goal is to make a website that can sustain a single developer through patreon or crowd funding.

The following changes are planned. First a color scheme redesign. While we at Aiogames love the black red and white color scheme we realise that it isn't asthetically pleasing. Secoundly we will be implementing a database to try and get some financial software packages running. Since our main developer has experience in finance he would like to create some financial content. Third a user login system will be created. One thing holding back the development of type dungeon is that there is no inspiration to continue development when users cannot track progress or improve an account. Some company accounts will be created as well to help manafe our online presence.

In conclusion our main goal this week is to get a database server up and running both to provide user information and begin to provide financial services.